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We hope that those who visit House Francisca do in order, to discover those little luxuries that we have at hand and don’t cost anything.

Just look around to be thankful for what nature gives us ,and to always get in contact with the lost beauty of creation, and the harmony of nature that the lake Orta offers, Just listen to the silence and sounds, normally swamped by noise of our societies Realize that you can run on the shore of the lake at any hour of the day, rather than on the tapis roulant in the gym Walk in the fields “ supervised” by Buccione tower, and sunbathe on the peaceful shores of the lake Chatting outdoors or walking , biking, swimming in the lake during the summer when the water is still fresh and there is still nobody…… just nature These are just a few opportunities ,able to give us ,an unexpected wealth , an opportunity to rediscover some forgotten values ,and reflect on the things that really worth living ,maybe the time …. .only time.

A route starting from soul brings us inevitably to the body. A new quality of life ,that allows us to enjoy every moment of life outward simultaneously to freedom and inner joy He we spend time with friends meet new ones , eat and drink together, we take care of daily small things, give space to our creativity ,and experience meditation techniques suited to modern man. We would like to share these Emotions with our guests.